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Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
1849. just four simple ingredients, to make this wonderful bread in the world. san francisco bodine is just together. with all of the -- with all of the same process and -- it's just amazing. >> reporter: you've been the master baker for 30 years. >> over 30 years. >> reporter: and you have such a rich history in the bay area. talk to me about that. >> bodine is the oldest business in san francisco, continue usely all of this time -- continuously all of the time. you can see you have over 100 people lined up. it reminds me when the gold minors used to lineup at bodine to get their loaf of bread. almost the same thing. just so proud people are willing to spent the -- spend the night over to get their sourdough bread from bodine and for sunnyvale and people in the south bay, now they can enjoy the bread at fisher man's war of as well -- fisherman's wharf as well. >> it makes me so proud for me and my bakers for bodine that making every day a loaf of bread for them, it's just amazing. >> reporter: okay. that's the latest here in sunnyvale. if you are trying to be one of the people that
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
adding a new location. >> yes. a new bodine restaurant opens tomorrow, that is on sunnyvale road. and the first 100 people in line will win freeole fresh sour dough bread every day for a year. opening to celebrate the location starts at 5:00 today. >> a bay area man became a jazz legend has died. dave brubek went on to world acclaim with his innovative style. >> looking back at how he changed jazz. >> take five. the signature piece of the daveujxay brubek quartet. it made jazz star a pop star. >> he connected with people and his band mates. he was just a delightful person. that just came out in his music. >> the festival is in its 30th season. he was here for the opening of the 1994 season. that is when he talked to him about his >> the great dell courtney band used to rehearse in our house when ways a kid. i heard that band from the time i was five or six years old. >> duringuç]hn high school he played piano in stockton and the mother load. his father worked as a rodeo roper, after a stint in the service he went to mills chej. >> the gi bill aloud meals to go to mouth auto
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2